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Customized Products -LLithium battery dry room dual rotor dehumidifiers YLDP-2DW

Lithium battery dry room dual rotor dehumidifiers YLDP-2DW:

An Overview of Ultra-low Dewpoint Industrial

Desiccant Dehumidification Systems.

This system has a unit airflow range of 2,000 to 50,000

m3/h, with a dew point supply available down to minus 80°C.

The system offers an ultra-low leakage and compact

design, and is optimised for low energy usage with up to 50% energy reduction available over single rotor systems.

The YTE Group's YLDP-2DW Dual Rotor Desiccant Air Handling Units (DAHUs) are custom-built for precise control of ultra-low dew points.

The YLDP-2DW series is specifically designed to satisfy the rigorous requirements of industries that demand precise control of ultra-low dew points, and it is the most compact and energy-efficient ultra-low dew point dehumidifier system available on the market today. Suitable for implementation in Battery Dry Rooms where supply dewpoints as low as minus 80.0°C can be achieved.

The YLDP-2DW series devices can be customize

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