Refrigerant dehumidifiers YTED-90LD

YTE Industrial Ceiling Type Dehumidifier YTED-90LD Product Introduction and Application Areas

Product Introduction YTE Industrial Ceiling Type Dehumidifier YTED-90LD
YTE Industrial Ceiling Type Dehumidifier YTED-90LD is a high-efficiency dehumidifier designed for large spaces. It adopts the leading refrigerated dehumidification technology and focuses on providing a stable and continuous dry environment for industrial grade applications. With its compact design, the unit can be easily installed on the ceiling of various industrial spaces, saving space while providing powerful dehumidification effects.

Technical Specifications
Model: YTED-90LD
Dehumidifying capacity: 90 liters/day
Applicable area: up to 200 square meters, applicable to the space of 3 meters height
Installation: Ceiling mounted, space friendly
Advantages of refrigerated dehumidification technology
High efficiency: Rapidly reduces air humidity through condensation, effectively solving the problem of wet and heavy spaces

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