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YTE Water-Cooled Screw-Type Industrial Chillers

The YTE water-cooled screw-type industrial chillers are high-performance cooling equipment designed and manufactured using advanced international technology and high-efficiency components.

Core Technology and Components:The YTE units utilize advanced semi-hermetic twin-screw compressors, renowned for their minimal wear parts and fluorine-resistant motors, ensuring high reliability. Additionally, the unload start-reduction feature significantly enhances energy efficiency, ensuring easy operation and a long service life.

Intelligent Control System:Equipped with a PLC microcomputer programmable controller for real-time monitoring, combined with the compressor's segmented energy adjustment system, it can timely and accurately control the match between cooling capacity and cold load. This ensures the units operate at maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption, achieving reliable energy-saving operation.

High-Quality Components:The use of international brand components not only guarantees the high quality of the units but also ensures their stable operation, extending the equipment's lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

Efficient Heat Exchange System:Both evaporators and condensers use the latest high-efficiency threaded heat exchange copper tubes, which have a high heat transfer coefficient, ensuring the units have excellent cooling performance to meet various industrial cooling needs.

Independent Refrigeration Circuit:The design features independent refrigeration circuits, allowing for individual maintenance and repairs without affecting the overall use of the machine, greatly improving equipment maintainability.

Wide Range of Cooling Capacities:Offering cooling capacities ranging from 107KW to 4300KW, this unit is widely applicable to various industrial occasions, including production process cooling systems and central air conditioning hosts.

Overall, the YTE water-cooled screw-type industrial chillers, with their advanced technology, efficient components, intelligent control, and reliable performance, provide an efficient, energy-saving, and stable cooling solution for various industrial applications.


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