Low-Temperature Dehumidification Solution Case Study for Freshwater Treatment Plants

2024-02-07 12:49 YTE HVAC Senior Program Manager: BJ Chen


In Xinjiang, several freshwater treatment plants required upgrades, notably in their dehumidification systems. Operating above ground, these facilities process well water for community distribution, often encountering temperatures below 18°C. Under such conditions, traditional dehumidifiers frequently experience evaporator frosting, which impedes their efficiency.



The environments within freshwater treatment facilities are particularly prone to rust and corrosion due to high humidity, which condenses on metal surfaces. Even with the best protective measures, these issues are challenging to avoid. Additionally, the reliability and maintenance costs associated with previously used small portable dehumidifiers became problematic, affecting operational efficiency.



To address these issues, we collaborated with YTE to implement their YTED-480LND series of low-temperature industrial dehumidifiers, designed for stable operation in temperatures as low as 5~10°C. These units effectively solve evaporator frosting problems, enhancing dehumidification efficiency.


Core Advantages

  1. Low-Temperature Operation: The YTED-480LND dehumidifiers are specially designed to perform effectively in low-temperature environments, preventing evaporator frosting.

  2. Innovative Defrosting Modes: Our units offer three defrosting modes to accommodate different environmental temperatures and needs, including traditional, four-way valve defrosting, and electric heating defrosting – our patented technology that significantly reduces defrosting time.

  3. Customized Solutions: Considering the large and high spaces typical of freshwater treatment plants, YTE provides dehumidifiers with adjustable airflow direction, ensuring uniform humidity control throughout the space and effectively preventing rust and corrosion.


The implementation of YTE's low-temperature dehumidifiers successfully addressed the dehumidification challenges in freshwater treatment facilities, preventing rust and corrosion on metal structures, extending equipment life, and reducing maintenance costs. Moreover, stable humidity control has ensured reliable daily operations within the plants.



The successful application of YTE's low-temperature industrial dehumidifiers demonstrates an efficient solution to the challenges of dehumidification in low-temperature environments and large spaces. By leveraging advanced technology and customized design, YTE provides clients with effective and reliable dehumidification solutions, ensuring stable operations under various conditions.

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If your on-site conditions are complex, it is essential to undergo rigorous calculations to achieve optimal temperature and humidity. You can also communicate with professional engineers from the YTE Temperature and Humidity Management Division through the YTE China service hotline or email.


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