YTE's Precision Temperature and Humidity Control in the Entire Production Process of Lithium Cobalt

2024-01-27 15:28 YTE HVAC Senior Program Manager: BJ Chen

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In the production process of lithium cobalt oxide, different production stages have varying temperature and humidity requirements. YTE, as a professional air treatment solution provider, has the capability to control the dew point to extremely low levels (down to -80°C), ensuring precision and efficiency throughout the production process. Here are the specific temperature and humidity requirements and YTE's application in each stage of lithium cobalt oxide production:

1. Pre-treatment Workshop

  • Temperature and Humidity Requirements: Moderate temperature, relative humidity controlled between 40-60%. YTE can lower the dew point even further as needed to prevent raw material moisture absorption.

  • YTE's Role: Utilizing advanced dehumidification technology to keep raw materials dry and flowing, preventing moisture absorption and clumping.

2. Sintering or Calcining Workshop

  • Temperature and Humidity Requirements: High-temperature operation, humidity is usually not a primary concern. YTE can provide low dew point control as required.

  • YTE's Role: Providing a stable air treatment system to maintain a constant temperature in the sintering workshop, ensuring uniformity and efficiency in the sintering process.

3. Leaching Workshop

  • Temperature and Humidity Requirements: Specific temperature range, humidity needs to be maintained between 50-70% to optimize chemical reactions. YTE technology can precisely adjust to the required dew point.

  • YTE's Role: Precise temperature and humidity control system to ensure the efficiency of chemical reactions while preventing equipment and material corrosion.

4. Crystallization and Refining Workshop

  • Temperature and Humidity Requirements: Precise temperature control for crystal growth, humidity maintained between 50-70%. YTE equipment can achieve the required low dew point environment.

  • YTE's Role: Through advanced temperature and humidity control technology, maintaining a stable environment in the workshop to support ideal crystal growth and purification.

5. Post-treatment and Packaging Workshop

  • Temperature and Humidity Requirements: Low humidity environment (not exceeding 50%), temperature control for efficient drying process. YTE can provide an extremely low dew point drying environment.

  • YTE's Role: Providing efficient drying solutions to ensure the final drying and quality assurance of materials, while preventing moisture absorption in the finished product.

In the production process of lithium cobalt oxide, YTE's temperature and humidity control technology plays a crucial role. With advanced dehumidification technology and precise temperature and humidity control capabilities, YTE ensures that each production stage operates efficiently in an ideal environment, enhancing product quality, reducing production costs, and increasing overall production efficiency.

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If your on-site conditions are complex, it is essential to undergo rigorous calculations to achieve optimal temperature and humidity. You can also communicate with professional engineers from the YTE Temperature and Humidity Management Division through the YTE China service hotline or email.


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