YTE Industrial Dehumidifiers Enhance Climate Control in Zhejiang Shaoxing Pea Shoot Greenhouses

2024-01-09 14:48 YTE HVAC Senior Program Manager: BJ Chen


In the early hours of January 8, 2024, we received a call from a client in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, facing a unique challenge in their pea shoot greenhouse. The issue was excessive condensation leading to water droplets falling on the pea shoots, causing them to rot. This case study explores how YTE's industrial dehumidifiers provided an effective solution.


Client's Challenge:

- Location: Shaoxing, Zhejiang

- Greenhouse Dimensions: 18m (Length) x 8m (Width) x 5m (Height)

- Internal Temperature: 14°C

- Humidity: 90% RH

Pea Shoot Greenhouse Climate Requirements:

- Ideal Temperature: 15°C to 25°C for optimal growth, with a minimum of 10°C at night to prevent cold damage.

- Humidity: Ideally maintained between 60% and 70% RH.

- Ventilation: Crucial for preventing excessive humidity and potential fungal diseases.

Solution and Implementation:

- Recommended Model: YTE Industrial Dehumidifier (YTED-156L), specifically designed for greenhouse environments.

- Quantity: Two units, placed at opposite ends of the greenhouse for uniform humidity control.

- Features: Each unit has a dehumidification capacity of 156L and an air volume of 1500 cubic meters per hour, ensuring efficient moisture removal.

- Energy Efficiency: Approximately 1 kWh per hour with intelligent humidity control for energy savings.

- Additional Benefits: Silver ion coarse filters at the air intake for bacterial and fungal spore reduction.


The client, referred to as "Brother Sheng," was highly satisfied with the prompt delivery and effectiveness of the YTE dehumidifiers. The units significantly improved the greenhouse's climate, leading to healthier pea shoots and reduced rot. Brother Sheng's positive feedback and willingness to recommend our solutions to others underscore the success of this intervention.


This case study demonstrates YTE's commitment to providing comprehensive climate control solutions, enhancing productivity and success in various industries.

If your on-site conditions are complex, it is essential to undergo rigorous calculations to achieve optimal temperature and humidity. You can also communicate with professional engineers from the YTE Temperature and Humidity Management Division through the YTE China service hotline or email.


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