Managing Operational Costs – Ice Prevention Solutions for Food Distribution Centers & Cold Stores

2008-06-07 21:03 YTE HVAC Senior Project Manager: BJ Chen

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Mitigating ice formation in chilled food distribution centers and commercial cold stores poses unique challenges. Any environment where low temperatures are utilized to preserve or store chilled or frozen products is susceptible to critical issues such as:

1. Ice and snow accumulation within the cold storage facility

2. Risks associated with falling ice

3. Frost shock impact on stored products

4. Potential failure of door mechanisms

5. Escalation in operational costs of refrigeration systems

6. Increased frequency of defrost cycles

7. Health and Safety concerns

Each time a door is opened to a cooler or cold space, ambient air and moisture infiltrate from surrounding untreated areas. Upon entry, the air rapidly cools, causing the water vapor it contains to condense and settle on the coldest surfaces. Depending on the room temperature, this moisture may manifest as condensation or frost.

The continual influx of 'fresh' air inevitably leads to:

1. Enhanced downtime

2. Reduced production efficiency

3. Elevated health and safety risks

4. Escalated operational expenditures

In such scenarios, the use of a YTE desiccant dehumidifier effectively manages moisture at the source. YTE units establish a low dew point in adjacent areas, ensuring that when cold room doors are opened, there is insufficient moisture to condense or freeze on surfaces.

The dew point control, integrated into the software of every YTE solution, optimizes energy consumption to establish the necessary conditions, thus mitigating risks effectively.

We offer a range of specialized cold store machines designed to address the challenges of operating in these demanding environments and to efficiently regulate humidity levels within cold storage facilities.

Furthermore, blast freezers and spiral freezers stand to benefit from implementing a YTE solution. Ice formation is inherent in the cooling process, and moisture is released as products are unwrapped, with high levels of infiltration through the open apertures of the feed belts.

The ice formed due to these high moisture levels poses a significant challenge and can necessitate a complete shutdown of the production line. The time spent de-icing significantly reduces production throughput, resulting in time and financial losses.

At YTE, our innovative approach to these applications typically enables prolonged line operation, allowing for uninterrupted production and yielding direct cost savings.



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