Improving Electronics Humidity Control for Optimal Performance

2018-07-12 16:28 YTE HVAC Senior Project Manager: BJ Chen


In today's world, electronics are ubiquitous, ranging from children's toys to advanced avionics in military aircraft. Despite the varying levels of criticality, one common challenge they all confront is the detrimental impact of humidity.

Humidity can compromise electronics in several ways:

1. Condensation may form on components if their surface temperature drops below the dew point of the surrounding air.

2. Unmanaged moisture and condensation can lead to corrosion on components, undermining their integrity.

3. Elevated humidity often causes increased electrical resistance, which can disrupt component functionality and system performance.

When electronic devices are in use, they generate heat, typically counteracted by air conditioning to maintain optimal operating temperatures. However, these cooler conditions can inadvertently condense moisture on or within components, posing significant safety risks and causing damage. This is particularly concerning in the field of avionics, where sustained ambient humidity can degrade the insulation on cables and connectors, potentially leading to display anomalies or 'ghosting.'

Further complicating matters, corrosion from moisture exposure results in increased electrical resistance, jeopardizing the reliability and efficiency of the electronic equipment. Fortunately, this is an issue that can be competently addressed with appropriate countermeasures.

We advocate for a straightforward yet effective approach to mitigating corrosion: the integration of a YTE desiccant dehumidifier within existing air handling and cooling systems. Whether as a new installation or retrofitted into established environments, this solution has proven invaluable across numerous high-precision applications. These range from the production of printed circuit boards and high-caliber batteries to the crafting of optical lenses and various military applications. The YTE desiccant dehumidifier is instrumental in the preservation of military hardware for long-term storage, ensuring peak readiness.

YTE stands at the forefront of electronics and humidity control, crafting solutions that safeguard the functionality and longevity of essential equipment. For consultations and services, reach out to us at +86 13226158560. We're dedicated to providing surefire humidity control for your critical electronic assets.


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