Food & Beverage Industry: Expertise in Humidity Control

2020-12-13 16:23 YTE HVAC Senior Project Manager: BJ Chen

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With over two decades dedicated to servicing the food and beverage sector, YTE stands as a paragon of experience and customer satisfaction. Our proficiency is reflected in our extensive portfolio of clients who trust us to resolve their production challenges. We pride ourselves on having encountered and surmounted a multitude of humidity-related complications, positioning us as your go-to experts for customized solutions.

We’re proud of our track record, diligently delivering refined solutions, such as:

- Enhancing bread cooling processes to ensure loaves retain their intended shape and aesthetic appeal.

- Innovating methods to prevent clumping in dried fruits, facilitating accurate weigh-ins essential for flawless breakfast cereals.

- Techniques to prevent condensation on chilled beverage bottles, securing labels and boosting productivity.

- Advancing stove drying for jelly and foam confections, achieving superior quality, heightened productivity, and reduced residual starch moisture content.

The presence of high humidity can detrimentally influence myriad stages of food and beverage production including, but not limited to:

- Chocolate pan coating

- Stove drying optimization

- Prevention of mold and fungus, especially in drying foodstuffs

- Meat curing processes

- Anti-clumping strategies for various ingredients

- Bread cooling enhancements

- Biscuit wafer drying techniques

- Conditioning for cooling tunnels

- Ice formation prevention

- Salami production fine-tuning

- Drink bottle condensation control

- Protection against packaging degradation and metal corrosion

- Jelly sweet depositing perfection

- Starch drying advancements

- Sugar coating improvements

- Boosting production rates

- Minimizing spoilage and clumping during the transportation of powdered goods such as sugar, flour, and salt

- Soft mint production refinement

Should you face any humidity-related challenges within your production line, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us at +86 13226158560 or utilize our easy-to-use quick contact option for prompt assistance. YTE is committed to extending expert advice, delivering tailored solutions, and providing unwavering support to meet and exceed your unique operational needs.


YTE HVAC is a globally recognised company driven by technological research and development, and the YTE Group employs around 300 people in a variety of roles to help our customers meet their environmental challenges and support the steady growth of their businesses.

With a meticulous work ethic and an international management style, YTE HVAC has developed a sophisticated and refined product range, as well as a wealth of research and design experience. This has enabled us to gain a significant market share in the European and global markets.

YTE HVAC is renowned worldwide for its precise temperature and humidity control and air to air heat pump drying capabilities.

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