Optimizing Humidity Control in Chemical Processing

2015-08-06 15:51 YTE HVAC Senior Project Manager: BJ Chen


The field of chemical processing is diverse, spanning multiple applications such as transfer systems, containment isolation, and fluid bed drying techniques. The manipulation of chemical substances often necessitates the precise management of high-temperature air flows, both heating and cooling, to yield the targeted end product.

In our portfolio, we offer solutions for accelerated drying processes to achieve uniform results, enhancing overall operational efficiency. Our expertise extends to moisture re-absorption prevention during prolonged storage, ensuring stable conditions for components throughout the processing cycle.

Common challenges encountered within this sector include:

- Variability in drying efficiency, affecting product consistency.

- Production hindrances due to external atmospheric conditions.

- Environmental impact concerns associated with energy consumption for processes.

- Moisture re-absorption during both long and short-term storage phases.

- Managing condensation on components post-cooling.

- Steam release control to avert condensation-related issues.

Leveraging our engineering proficiency, we have developed and refined methodologies to assist our clients. Our philosophy emphasizes the need to comprehend your specific business objectives and processes thoroughly before proposing customized development strategies.

Case in Point: In 2012, a client sought our intervention to tackle production delays caused by adverse environmental conditions. Through comprehensive analysis, we identified inappropriate direct steam injection during production as the culprit. This not only activated adhesives and sterilized products but also led to undesirable condensation upon cooling.

Initially, inadequate psychrometric understanding led the client to implement ineffective extraction measures. The result: prolonged drying periods extending beyond five days. Our resolution? The introduction of warm, arid air into the process, preventing steam condensation and ensuring efficient dehydration.

This innovation relieved the client's production bottleneck, securing a competitive advantage in the market and reinforcing our leadership position.



YTE HVAC is a globally recognised company driven by technological research and development, and the YTE Group employs around 300 people in a variety of roles to help our customers meet their environmental challenges and support the steady growth of their businesses.

With a meticulous work ethic and an international management style, YTE HVAC has developed a sophisticated and refined product range, as well as a wealth of research and design experience. This has enabled us to gain a significant market share in the European and global markets.

YTE HVAC is renowned worldwide for its precise temperature and humidity control and air to air heat pump drying capabilities.

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