Lithium Battery Production – The Importance of Humidity Control

2023-03-04 11:06 YTE HVAC Senior Project Manager: BJ Chen

Lithium Battery Production – The Importance of Humidity Control

Lithium battery production demands stringent quality control measures.

These high energy and long-lasting batteries find their application in numerous devices such as portable electronics, torches, and implanted medical devices.   The demand for such batteries is growing exponentially.

Precise humidity control is crucial to the production process of lithium batteries. In order to ensure the stability of Lithium, it is imperative to achieve dew points as low as -60°C dp during the manufacturing process, generating dry air. This dew point is equivalent to less than 0.5% relative humidity (RH) at 25°C.

Challenges in this industry include degradation of the Lithium material, infiltration minimization, managing

moisture from people and equipment, and improved installations.

Maintaining a low humidity environment during lithium battery production is imperative due to Lithium reacting adversely with water (vapour), giving rise to lithium hydroxide, hydrogen, and heat. The direct impact of moisture results in reduced battery quality, performance, and shelf life.

Thus, a specialist dry room is necessary for such a demanding application. Specialist construction techniques and careful design are necessary to maintain the condition of production.

YTE equipment, such as YTE desiccant dehumidifiers, is essential in this case and must work in close conjunction with associated cooling and heating systems. High volume flow rates, usually laminar flow across the room, ensure a close tolerance control.

The YTE equipment has undergone redesigning to enhance efficiency and minimize operational expenses.    All plants used in these arduous conditions are specially tailored to each specific application and would be created in partnership with expert contractors and consultants.

Utilizing our expertise and experience in this domain, we have accomplished and sustained dewpoints of lower than -70℃, a capacity that surpasses that of our competitors, and exceeded our clients' expectations.


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