Brewery Equipment - Reduce energy consumption through the use of heat recovery modules.

2023-11-19 10:13 YTE HVAC Senior Project Manager: BJ Chen

Brewery Humidity Control The

Brewery Humidity Control The

expertise of any brewery lies in balancing a refined mix of skill and technology.      Stringent standards and hygiene are crucial to ensure a high-quality product.      With a myriad of intricate processes and temperature variations taking place, it is essential      to maintain complete control over humidity levels.      Better control translates to reduced risk and fewer complications.     Humidity Challenges in Brewery Settings

Careful control of temperature and other environmental conditions is critical in every aspect of the brewing process, from ingredient selection all the way through the storage of finished products.     Outside air is saturated with water vapour that fluctuates in both quantity and composition according to factors including weather, season, and time of day.      This means that when air containing water vapour infiltrates the buildings housing brewing equipment, condensation can quickly form, leading to problems with humidity.     Condensation can often be found on vessels, pipework, equipment and cold surfaces. It has a tendency to pool on floors.      When a yeast kettle bubbles away at 5°C in a room where the overall temperature is 20°C, it creates an ideal environment for condensation to arise.     The presence of condensation can lead to undesirable bacterial growths and mould flourishing on walls and ceilings.      In addition to causing corrosion and damage to structures, fittings, and equipment, condensation also creates      an unhygienic situation which can worsen with steam cleaning.      This process releases additional uncontrolled moisture into the air, although the results appear clean at first.     The utilization of fans, ventilation and air conditioning is not a viable solution, as they merely exchange one body of air containing unregulated humidity with another, with equally little control.

To combat the humidity

issue, it is advisable to regulate the condensation point (dew point) of the water vapour present in the air within the various sections of your brewing facility, which can offer a number of cost-effective benefits.     TYE Dehumidification Systems allow brewery staff to maintain air conditions during production and storage, avoiding any resulting issues.     This specialist technology determines the dew point of the air, preventing the occurrence of condensation and its consequential problems.      When the relative humidity is reduced to below 65% at 20°C, condensation problems are eradicated. YTE adsorption dehumidifiers are exceptional in that they can be equipped with a supplementary heat recovery module. Consequently, they are the sole humidity control systems that are capable of conforming to the most demanding energy criteria in effect worldwide.

Maintaining better end-to-end control of air conditions in your brewery can lead to numerous benefits.

Firstly, it eliminates a wide range of practical problems that stem from condensation.

Secondly, it prevents corrosion and other damage in structures, fittings and equipment. It is important for breweries to consider implementing these measures for improved efficiency and productivity.

Lastly, it can reduce energy consumption through the use of unique heat recovery modules.

Improve safety, hygiene, and standards compliance

while reducing service and maintenance costs for buildings and equipment.

TYE stands out from competitors

due to its compact, robust, and reliable design.

It is also available with automated precision control

systems and is designed to comply with good hygiene practices.

Additionally, it is energy-efficient with minimal operating costs.


YTE HVAC is a globally recognised company driven by technological research and development, and the YTE Group employs around 300 people in a variety of roles to help our customers meet their environmental challenges and support the steady growth of their businesses.

With a meticulous work ethic and an international management style, YTE HVAC has developed a sophisticated and refined product range, as well as a wealth of research and design experience. This has enabled us to gain a significant market share in the European and global markets.

YTE HVAC is renowned worldwide for its precise temperature and humidity control and air to air heat pump drying capabilities.


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