Shenzhen Proton and Heavy Ion Hospital Collaborates with YTE

2024-05-31 10:11

Shenzhen Proton and Heavy Ion Hospital Collaborates with YTE: Creating Efficient Radiation-Resistant Dehumidification Solutions to Advance Cancer Treatment

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Shenzhen Proton and Heavy Ion Hospital is at the forefront of cancer treatment, specializing in advanced proton and heavy ion radiotherapy technologies. These techniques are highly effective for treating complex tumors and those located near vital organs, offering high efficacy with fewer side effects. By the end of 2020, proton and heavy ion therapy centers in China had treated approximately 8,000 patients, demonstrating significant results in tumor treatment.

Dehumidification for proton and heavy ion equipment is a complex and crucial task. These devices require high precision and strict environmental conditions; any fluctuation in humidity can impact their normal operation and treatment efficacy.

YTE has customized radiation-resistant, ceiling-mounted, ultra-quiet industrial dehumidifiers for Shenzhen Proton and Heavy Ion Hospital, ensuring the equipment operates under optimal humidity conditions, thereby enhancing treatment stability and reliability.

YTE's expertise extends beyond the medical field, showcasing technological advantages in other high-radiation environments. For instance, in the defense sector, YTE's equipment operates reliably in high-radiation settings, ensuring the normal function of precision instruments. In manufacturing and product storage, humidity control is vital for protecting sensitive materials and extending equipment lifespan, and YTE provides dependable solutions for these needs.

Our in-depth research in radiation-resistant technology has led to the development of a series of dehumidification devices specifically designed for radiation environments. These devices not only effectively control humidity but also operate stably in high-radiation conditions, providing reliable protection for medical equipment.

We are honored to collaborate with Shenzhen Proton and Heavy Ion Hospital, helping more patients overcome cancer. Contributing to human health is our relentless pursuit.

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